...our 13th get-together...

we had a wonderful time again. vicky spoiled us with not one but two badges each this time. lovely seeing every one. we are looking forward to our year end picnic.


...a look-see from vicky...

...we can't wait for tomorrows get-together. here's a peek at our latest badge's creative process. thank you vicky. you are a star...


...a moody mountain...

... it's always there when you look up. the same but different. a very south african thing. that makes me smile...


...a garden with some hidden smiles...

...my smile is to find these gorgeous creatures in my garden :)...


…stolen late night kisses...

…i've always loved sneaking into siena's room at night when she's fast asleep 
and stealing kisses. and she just loves looking at the photos the next morning. 

but since starting to teach my evening classes, these kisses have become our little 
ritual, she reminds me on the mornings of my night classes so that i don't forget. 
and nothing makes me smile more, after a looong day, than kissing her 
and waiting to show her the photos the next morning...


...a window with a view...

on a day like today you just can't help but smile, even if people burned 6 busses this morning and it was a struggle to get to work. there are just some things in life that money can't buy. i woke up to the beautiful view in the first photo and came to work to find the welcoming view in the second photo. it's as if spring is slapping a smile on my face today.



...meet carmen...

...we're so excited to introduce you to carmen schaefer, designer, lecturer at red & yellow school and blogger over at hey audrey...

1. What's your creative thing? 
I’m a graphic designer. At the moment I’m designing a book cover.

2. Describe your dream studio? 
Lots of books, a sofa, and a cat. And uncluttered. Kitted out with the kind of furniture one buys at LIM.

3. What fuels your creative energy? 

4. The first creative thing you can remember making?
When I was small I used to draw a well-dressed family every day. The pictures always consisted of a mom, dad, and their two children: a boy and a girl. Every day I would draw them dressed for a different occasion: a journey on a ship, in Japan, or at a smart ball. I loved dreaming up their outfits.

5. The first creative thing you were paid to create?  
Whilst studying I painted murals all over my flat. A friend of a friend came to visit, liked what he saw, and then paid me to paint a Rousseau-like mural in his toilet.  He was a lawyer. And it was hard work!

6. That one thing you're so glad you made? 
Every wedding invitation I’ve ever designed.

7. If you could live inside any artwork in the world, which would it be?
“At the mirror” by Georg Friedrich Kersting. I love the German Romantic painters.

8. If you could collaborate with one famous creative, dead or alive, who would it be?
Paula Scher. She is a wonderfully intelligent designer, and she seems like such a lovely warm person too.

9. The local design magazine you always read? 
I used to love the Design Indaba magazine… but now with internet, I read blogs like ‘Between 10 and 5’ And ‘Sweet and Soutie’ of course!

10. The salutation at the end of your email?
 ‘Warm regards’ if it’s a friendly e-mail, and just ‘regards’ if it’s not.